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New school curriculum

Teachers’ training continues

Published : 23 Dec 2023 10:51 PM | Updated : 24 Dec 2023 12:44 PM

The school teacher training is currently underway under the direction of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE). The initiative has been taken to implement the new curriculum in the eighth and ninth grades in all schools at the upazila level.

This teacher education programme for the teachers is scheduled to continue until December 31st. At 477 upazila centres, 508 batches of teachers are undergoing training in the first phase. The first phase specifically targets teachers from educational institutions accredited by the Educational Institute Identification Number (EIIN), which is assigned to every school, madrasah, college, university, and professional institutes approved by the Bangladesh Government.

The teacher training sessions are scheduled to take place from 9 am to 4:30 pm, incorporating a 15-minute tea break at 11 am, an hour-long prayer and lunch break at 1 pm, and an additional tea break at 3:30 pm.

To ensure effective implementation, the New Curriculum Scheme has issued explicit instructions to district and upazila secondary education officials regarding the conduct of this training. The guidelines offer a comprehensive overview of the training process.

Participating teachers report that the training is addressing various deficiencies and proving beneficial in multiple areas, ranging from teaching methodologies to student evaluation. Overall, they express confidence that this training will enhance their dynamism as educators.

The new curriculum underscores 11 subjects: Bengali, English, Mathematics, Digital Technology, Health Protection, Industrial Culture, History and Social Science, Islamic Education, Hinduism, Science, and Livelihood.

Teachers are selected from diverse educational institutions and undergo training to become trainers themselves. As master trainers, they then impart their knowledge to other teachers.

The new curriculum holds great promise for students, with potential benefits contingent on how teachers skillfully and earnestly manage classroom learning.

Teachers are undergoing diverse training methods to disseminate the new curriculum effectively. Gaining knowledge through training is expected to significantly enhance their capabilities in classroom teaching.

Various materials, including multimedia, different technologies, internet-connected Android phones, and posters are being employed in the training sessions, ensuring that teachers receive comprehensive and intensive instruction.

Sayedur Rahman, the education officer of Bagerhat, informed reporters that the second phase will include the training of part-time teachers, contractual teachers, teachers awaiting approval, head teachers, assistant head teachers, madrasah superintendents, assistant madrasah superintendents, and principals.

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