Teacher shortage hampers academic environment in Shukurerhat college

Published : 02 Oct 2022 09:18 PM

Shukurerhat Degree College is suffering from shortage of teachers. The college education system has collapsed due to political conflict. Along with the development of infrastructure, the recruitment of teachers and staff is postponed for indefinite time. Education experts say that if the problem is not resolved soon, the entire college will be under threat. The plight of the college built on about four and a half acres of land cannot be understood from the outside. 700 students from surrounding villages are taking education from this college. But the education system has collapsed due to the negligence of the authorities.

Shukurerhat Degree College was established in 1994 in Moinpur of Mithapukur upazila of Rangpur. Local people also came forward to spread the light of education in rural towns. But since its inception the management committee has made the college a private asset. As a result development is deprived. The teachers and employees complained that the management committee has held the college hostage for the last eight years from 2010 to 2018. Although the number of students has increased, the number of teachers has not increased. They are mentally disturbed by the pressure of extra classes.

Zakaria Islam and Ishrat Jannat, second year students of class 11, said that this college is the only hope for the higher education of the boys and girls of the surrounding area. Where we can eat at home and walk to college. Otherwise, one has to go to Mithapukur Degree College at a distance of 11 km. The quality of education here is very good. However, due to the teacher crisis, education is being disrupted.

Shukurerhat Degree College Acting Principal Golzar Hossain said that the boys and girls of Tilakpara, Chengmari, Abirer Para, Fakir Hat, Phulchowki, Kadamtala, Durgpur Shaltir Hat, Genarpara and Buzruk Santoshpur villages around the college are students of this college. From the beginning, the boys and girls of the poor families of the area leave here with good results after their education. This year, the students of this college became the 14th in admission in the 'B' unit of Dhaka University. Mentioning that there are total 29 teachers in the college, he said, this teacher is completely inadequate against 700 students. This is disrupting the teaching of students.

Salim Mondal, president of the college governing body, said that the normal environment of education in the college, along with the appointment of teachers and staff, are facing repeated stumbling blocks. They are victims of political revenge. The cycle has also recently attacked the recruitment examination of teachers and staff in the vacant posts of the college. As a result, the initiative to solve the teacher crisis was not successful.

Rangpur Govt. Begum Rokeya College principal and representative of that recruitment board Chinmoy Baroi said that no anomaly was found in the recruitment examination of Shukurerhat Degree College. There is no restriction on the appointment of teachers to the posts created as per government rules. If the recruitment is not completed soon, the college will be in danger.