TCB goods inadequacy frustrates consumers in Kishoreganj

Published : 28 Feb 2022 09:08 PM

TCB’s products have turned into golden deer in Kishoreganj. Many middle-class people come to buy TCB products but returning with empty hand after waiting for hours in the long queue. Many returned home disappointed.

According to the allegation and investigation of the buyers who came to collect TCB's products on the spot, the employees of the Deputy Commissioner's Office and some unscrupulous people did not stand in line and took most of the products from the dealers. 

As a result, lower and middle class people do not get TCB products. Even powerful people and acquaintances of dealers carry goods without standing in line. Four to five members of a family go to buy products. It is noticed that they come around to buy the product. 

According to source, TCB dealers sell more than half of their products to traders. The rest of the products are taken to different points for sale to the lower and middle classes.

Distributors are giving conditions when buying goods in Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) trucks. They are not selling any other product unless consumers buy a pack of different product. Buyers are extremely disappointed at the distributors on such terms.

On the other hand, the essential commodities prices are getting high. In such a situation, the demand for buying commodities from TCB at comparatively low prices has increased. Crowds of buyers can be seen at various points of TCB in Kishoreganj. 

As the product is less than the demand, the sale ends by noon. Many people who came to buy goods from TCB trucks at the last moment are returning empty handed. Again dealers said the product comes in less than demand. 

According to the business and commerce branch of the deputy commissioner's office, there are a total of 83 TCB dealers in Kishoreganj district. Of which 13 are in Sadar upazila.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Shamim Alam said, “TCB products would be given to 10 million people across the country as per the directive of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Along with those who have received incentives, similar cards will be issued for another 6 million people during ramadan and Eid. 

I have discussed this matter with the officials of the district administration. If the card is issued, there will be no problem in selling TCB's products. Besides, cards will also be issued at local level. 

Those who buy products with this card will not receive the product within a week.