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Taylor’s hit-wicket anatomy

Published : 18 Jul 2021 08:06 PM


Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor was out in unusual manner during the second ODI against Bangladesh, his hit-wicket dismissal appearing to fall into a grey area in the laws of the game. The decision went up to the third umpire, and Taylor walked off looking miffed when the red light came on.

According to Law, batters can be out hit wicket if they put down the wicket with their bat or any part of their person "in the course of any action taken by him/her in preparing to receive or in receiving a delivery."

According to Law 35.2, the batter is not out hit wicket if the wicket is disturbed "after the striker has completed any action in receiving the delivery," unless the striker is setting off for a run or lawfully making a second stroke in order to protect their wicket.

The ambiguity in this instance would refer to the umpire's interpretation of whether or not Taylor's actions after the ball had passed his bat were a continuation of the action taken to receive the delivery.