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Tarique behind recent rumours

Published : 21 Nov 2019 09:08 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 08:13 AM

Convicted acting BNP chairman Tarique Rahman allegedly masterminded the recent anti-government conspiracies, including transport sector unrest and price hike of essential commodities. Law enforcing agencies have suspected that Tarique is also the main culprit behind the price hike of onion. He is now trying to mobilise some unscrupulous traders in price hiking of essential food items including rice. Immediately after the Awami League came to power in 2008, BNP started hatching conspiracies one after another against the elected government.

Within two months of forming government, BNP-Jamaat allegedly plotted the BDR massacre to topple down the government. Due to the failure of the deadliest conspiracy, they changed their strategy to unseat the democratic government. Since then they did not stop hatching conspiracy against Sheikh Hasina government and ruling Awami League even for a single moment.

The absconding convicted killers of the Bangababdhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and war criminals also have joined hands with the BNP-conspiracy with the hope that they would be able to escape their punishment if BNP can come to power.At one staged, some foreign vested quarters including the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan, restarted patronizing BNP nakedly. These conspiracies are still going on, sources said.

Changing their old strategies, Tarique Zia has now emphasized on creating serious public unrests against the government by price hiking of essential commodities. Law enforcers suspected that pro-BNP businessmen and some unscrupulous traders have been instructed by Tareque for price hiking.

Intelligence sources said recently some leaders of BNP held secret meeting with several top traders. In the meeting, BNP leaders instigated the traders to hoard onions. Getting the secrete instructions from Tareque Zia, the businessmen started hoarding onions very secretly. BNP leaders assured the traders of double compensation if their hoarded onions go rotten. As part of the plan, some BNP leaders started blaming the government for onion price hike and thus attempted to create unrest in the country.

When Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took effective measures to bring onion prices under control, Tarique started another game using salt, which is more important commodity for daily life. Although Bangladesh exports salt and at present there is huge amount of salt-stock in the country, Tarique instructed his party men to spread romour of severe salt crisis. BNP-Jammat-Shibir activists started spreading romours in different social media that country is in severe salt crisis.

Being frenzied over the rumour, people rushed to the shops for buying salt. Some greedy traders also charged extra prices of salt saying that there will be a serious crisis soon. After unearthing the recent conspiracy of Tarique Zia, intelligence agencies started working on it. The Prime Minister ordered all law enforcing agencies to take steps against rumour mongers. Getting her instruction, police and other law enforcing agencies launched counter campaign against so-called salt crisis.

They raided various shops and warehouses across the country to monitor the actual stock of salt. Thus plan on making artificial salt crisis were foiled due to the strong and effective measures of the head of the government and her security apertures. But Tarique’s conspiracy is going on. He again assigned his men to create artificial rice crisis. Pro-BNP businessmen responded and now working on it. They have already created some sort of artificial rice crisis for price hiking. As a result, the price of rice have been increased a bit though there are enough rice-stock in the country.