Tarash Upazila Health Complex suffers for lack of manpower

47 posts vacant out of 180

Published : 13 Apr 2023 09:26 PM

The population of Tarash upazila of Sirajganj is about 3 lakhs. And the only hope of health care for these people is in the 50-bed Tarash Upazila Health Complex. But for a long time, there is a dire manpower crisis in the health complex. That's why the only institution of health services for the upazilas is running in ruins. Especially important 6 posts of first class and 41 posts of second, third, fourth class are vacant for long years. But in contrast to all these positions, the issue of access to health care for the local population is involved. Which is still not fulfilled. To deal with the shortage of manpower in vacant posts, the concerned department has tried to work hand in hand with the health workers at the field level in some cases, but the locals have complained that the overall health service system of the upazila residents is being used to a great extent.

According to the sources of the 50-bed health complex, there are 17 first class officer posts in the institution. Out of which there are total 3 posts of Union Consultant (Surgery), Union Consultant (Medicine), Dental Surgeon. Out of which 3 are zero. Besides, there are 3 posts out of 7 posts of Assistant Surgeon (Newly created). Which has not been filled in almost a decade.

In contrast to these specialist posts, all the health services that the general public is supposed to get are not possible due to the vacancy, said Shafiul Haque, College Assistant Professor of Tarash Municipal Headquarters.

Again, the manpower crisis in the health complex does not end here. After the first class, the manpower crisis has also become acute in other specialized branches of health services. According to the related sources, against a total of 143 posts of the second, third, and fourth classes, another 41 posts have not been filled for half a long time. Among these one post each of Chief Assistant cum Accountant, Cashier, Medical Technologist (EPI), Medical Technologist (Radio), Assistant Servant, Statistician and Gardener in Tarash Health Complex. Each of which is zero. Because of this there is no people to work against these posts and there is a dire situation in all these branches at present.

On this side, Amir Hossain Mandal of Tarash Purba Para said that because the post of gardener is vacant, there is a lot of space due to not planting new trees or gardens, but the complex area is dying due to lack of trees. Besides, Afroza Khatun of Talam village complained that patients in Medical Technologist (EPI), Medical Technologist (Radio) departments are not getting services due to shortage of manpower. Rather the sections are locked most of the time.

Apart from this, there are also complaints that people are having to suffer day after day in their office work as the posts like chief assistant and accountant, cashier are vacant, several officials and employees working in the health complex said.

However, health and family welfare officer of Tarash 50-bed health complex. Manowar Hossain said that due to the vacant posts, the crisis is being resolved by bringing the officers and employees working from different branches to work temporarily in the vacant posts. Along with this, the list of vacant posts has been sent to Sirajganj District Civil Surgeon Office.

But the details of vacant posts in Tarash Health Complex do not end here. It has also been found that the Health Complex has 2 Assistant Health Inspectors, 1 Medical Assistant, 1 Senior Staff Nurse, 1 Ward Boy, 1 Cook/Mashalchi, 1 Night Watchman, 2 of 3 Office Assistant Posts, 1 of 2 Health Inspector Posts, Office Assistant Posts. 3 out of 4 posts, 4 out of 5 in janitor post and 12 out of 35 in health assistant posts are vacant. As a result, there are 47 posts of public importance against 160 posts of officers and employees from first class to fourth class in Tarash Health Complex.

Besides, it is known from talking to several people including local residents Bakul Hossain, Rahela Khatun, Sohanur, Zahoor Ali, that people are being deprived of services due to manpower shortage in some departments. Especially the health complex lacks cleanliness, landscaping, security.

As a result, there has been a shortage of medical care, clerical work, cleanliness inside and outside the health complex, cooking, security in all these departments for several years. And about 3 lakh upazila residents have to suffer due to unfilled vacancies in health services for a long time.

In this context, Sirajganj District Civil Surgeon Rampad Roy said that after receiving the list of vacant posts in the health complex with 50 beds, it has been sent to the Directorate of Health in Dhaka.