Tarash people demanding bridge over Gumani River for 50 years

Published : 12 Apr 2023 08:48 PM | Updated : 12 Apr 2023 08:51 PM

No matter how many MPs came and went, a bridge was not built in our area. How much we have to suffer for this bridge, no one knows. If I could have seen the bridge before I died, I would have found peace in my death. Elder Abdul Baki of Saguna Union of Tarash Upazila of Sirajganj was speaking with such regret.

In the Gumani River of Tarash upazila, a broken bamboo bridge and a boat terminal are the only hope of the locals. But the locals have claimed that a bridge has not been built on this river even though it has been waited for a long time.

It can be seen that the bamboo bridge is broken on the Gumani River. Thousands of people are dangerously crossing the river in a small boat. In addition, due to the lack of a bridge at Dhamich Bazar Kheyaghat, lakhs of people on both sides of the river are dangerously crossing every day by boat during monsoon and bamboo poles during dry season. To avoid suffering, the victims have demanded that a bridge be constructed from Dhamich Bazar to Hemnagar over Gumani River at Dhamich Bazar Kheyaghat of Saguna Union of the upazila. As there is no bridge, people on both sides of the river are forced to cross the river at great risk.

People of at least 20 villages including Dhamich, Ishwarpur, Nadosaidpur, Hemnagar, Nowkhada, Binnabari, Charkushabari, Dabirganj, Ranigram, Katabari, Bahadur Para cross through this boat terminal. Apart from common people, traders, students have to suffer the most.

Dhamich Bill Chalon High School students Maruf Hossain, Rubina, Mahbub, Zakirul Islam, Palash Ahmed, Faridul Islam, Mariam Khatun, Sadia Parveen, Shahinur Khatun, Rasheda Khatun complained that the students are facing problems due to lack of bridge over the river. During the dry season, the bamboo loft breaks down and the river has to be crossed despite various difficulties. Sometimes boat capsizing also happens. However, because there were more than one boat, they were saved from loss of life.

Senior politician of Dhamich village, former organizational secretary of Tarash Upazila Awami League, Abdul Halim Mondal complained that all those who have become MPs in this parliamentary seat have promised, but no bridge has been constructed at Dhamich Kheya Ghat so far. When a local person falls seriously ill, he or she has to be put on a bed and taken to a boat to cross the river. This is how we have to live our lives regularly.

There are several educational institutions across the river. Among them are Sabuj Para High School, Dhamich Bilchalon High School, Dhamich Government Primary School, Janata Bank Dhamich Branch, Nowkhada Forkaniya Madrasa, Dhamich Hut, Traditional Garlic Hut of Chalanbil region.

Thousands of students study in these educational institutions of primary and secondary level. Every day they risk their lives to cross the river by boat.

Also, the people of these areas have to suffer a lot in the marketing of various raw materials including food crops, agricultural products produced at the local level. As a result, the people of this area have to travel around the area with vehicles for about five kilometers.

Lecturer Abu Hasim Khokon, president of Dhamich Government Primary School, said, "Many people make promises to us before becoming public representatives." But after the election no one inquired about us. We have been dreaming of a bridge for a long time but our dream remained a dream.

Tarash Upazila Engineer Iftekhar Sarwar Dhrub said that the MP has sent a deuterator to our head office. We can build the bridge only after the project is passed.

Regarding the construction of the bridge, the local MP Professor D. Abdul Aziz said, I have spoken about it several times in the parliament. The approval of the project has been delayed due to Coronavirus pandemic. The project will be approved soon.