Tapsi partially blind in new thriller ‘Blur’

Published : 29 Nov 2022 08:34 PM

Blurr trailer: The Taapsee Pannu film shows her as a partially blind woman looking for clues related to her twin's death, apparently by suicide.

The trailer of Taapsee Pannu's debut production, Blurr, is out now. The actor features in a dual role in the film. It seems to be a intriguing thriller that revolves around the death of Gautami, as her twin Gayatri refuses to believe that she died by suicide. While she says Gautami was blind, her own eyesight is also fading away as she goes on to look for truth behind her death.

The trailer looks interesting and gripping with a dull winter setting as Taapsee's Gayatri goes from pillar to post to pick clues leading to her sister's death. She finds out her sister was dating a man and had also gone on an outing with him. It also shows how Gayatri is unaware of a major fact about her twin already known to her husband. A scene shows the doctor telling Gayatri how she can lose her eyesight any day and light is a poison for her eyes. The actor is then seen blindfolded in the end of the trailer.

Taapsee had earlier revealed that she shot almost half the film blind folded. Written by Pawan Sony and directed by Ajay Behl, Blurr has Gulshan Devaiah in the role of Gautami's husband. It will release on ZEE5 on December 9.

Talking about the film, Taapsee said, "Blurr taps into different sensibilities of an individual and that is purely why I decided to produce it as my first film. Donning the producer’s hat has been a spectacular experience. Apart from acting, I wanted to be creatively involved in production, conception and various aspects of filmmaking which are seldom glamorized. Essaying the character of a woman pushed to the brink of mental endurance due to her sister’s death was vulnerable, raw, and clawing.”

Gulshan added, “Blurr is a movie that has a plot full of twists, turns and tension that build up the suspense which will keep you glued to the screen in anticipation of what’s going to unfold. 

After Duranga, this is my second collaboration with ZEE5, and I wish to continue this successful association with them. Without spilling beans about my character, I would ask the audience to brace themselves for this slick and gritty thriller.”