Tanvir Tareq, Joy Shahriar dedicate song to Jaya

Tanvir Tareq and Joy Shahriar have been connected to creating music and writing songs for a long time. So, both of them have less number of songs to other’s tune. This time in a different arrangement, Joy Shahriar sang to the tune and music written by Tanvir Tareq with a different theme. 

The title of the song is ‘Prarthona’. The soundtrack of this song is basically to give a message to the various unconscious activities of the people during this corona crisis.

The song is a symbolic protest against various social inconsistencies including cyber bullying of the time. The song is dedicated to Jaya Ahsan. Tanvir Tareq said the song was dedicated to support and honor Jaya Ahsan’s recent protests over various issues.

Jaya Ahsan said, “I have been familiar with Tanvir Bhai’s songs for a long time. Earlier, I also personally greeted him on several of his songs. But the song ‘Prarthona’ really touched me because in the case of some inconsistencies in this society, it is very difficult to get support. Joy Shahriar also sang well.”

A lyrical version of the song has been released on a YouTube channel called ‘Sounds of Tanvir’.