Tanvir Sheikh at Thailand's mime festival

Entertainment Correspondent

Thai theater company "Rebel Art Space" has organized a silent event titled "Rebel Live Action Eco Art". The festival will start from October 14 and will continue until October 19.

Tanvir Sheikh, founder and artiste of 'Blackflame Theater', received an invitation from Bangladesh to the festival.

Tanvir will showcase the mime act ‘The Blind Perspective’ in Thailand's most prestigious theater festival to be held at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center. In addition to Thailand, weeklong event will be attended by Poland, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Taiwan, South Africa, Chile, Mexico and Bangladesh.

Besides, Tanvir will present a visual documentary titled 'Contemporary Plays and Possibilities of Mime in Bangladesh' at the ‘Artiste Talk’, which is scheduled for the ‘Rebel Live Action Eco-Art’ Festival.

He will also conduct a special drama workshop on 'Mime for Storytelling' at Bangkok's Independent Studios on October 12, at the invitation of the Thai theatre troupe 'Spine Party Movement'.

In this regard, Tanvir Sheikh said, “I have been practicing theater for the last five years. 

We have already brought some stage productions from our theater troupe. 

It's nice to get an invitation to a big festival from outside the country. It is a special honor for me.

 I have been preparing for this festival. I ask for everyone’s blessings to be with me.”