Tanvir Shake gets Best Performer award in USA

Published : 21 Sep 2023 07:40 PM

Shake Tanvir  Ahmed, an acclaimed actor and the Founder and Chief Secretary of Blackflame Theater. He is a Pantomime artist in addition to his regular theatre practice. This time he brought an honour for the country through a very prestigious Dr. Wakar Uddin Award 2023 from the United States. In recognition of their work with the Rohingya, some distinguished individuals and organizations from around the world were awarded. There, actor Tanvir Shake received the honorary 'Best Performance' award for his special contribution in the Art and Culture category while staying in the United States for higher studies.

Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU) and Burmese Rohingya Association of North America (BRANA), the world's two largest organizations working on the Rohingya situation, organized the 3-day event held in New York during the United Nations General Session to return the Rohingyas to their homeland Myanmar. At the State of The Art Award Ceremony at Conference Hall, 7402, Liberty Avenue, Ozone Park in New York on September 19, 2023 at 7 pm, Mr. Riaz Uddin, Director General of Arakan Rohingya Union and Mr. Hj Mohammed Asahab Deen, Vice Chairman of Burmese Rohingya Association of North America, handed over the honorary crest and certificate of honour to him in the presence of invited guests and the media. Earlier, in the same event, he did a movement-based performance titled 'The Dark History' at New York's Times Square on September 18.

In an 8-minute solo performance, Mime artist Shake Tanvir  Ahmed highlighted Myanmar's brutality against Rohingyas and ensuring the return of millions of Rohingyas who have taken refuge in Bangladesh.

The actor and organizer Tanvir Shake, has previously travelled to Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Maldives, India, Sri Lanka, and the United Arab Emirates to participate in various notable events. Also, he has received many honours for his special contribution and has won various awards including the Japan Bangla Peace Award.