Tanjin Tisha to star ‘Baba Tumi Kothay’ with Tariq Anam Khan

Published : 02 Dec 2023 07:04 PM

After a long hiatus, popular actress Tanjin Tisha and veteran actor Tariq Anam Khan have reunited for a tele-drama titled ‘Baba Tumi Kothay,’ directed and written by Preety Dutta.

This collaboration follows their previous work in the tele-drama 'Jerin O Joler Galpo,' also helmed by the debutant director Preety Dutta.

The tele-drama was successfully shot in various locations in Uttara of the capital. Tariq Anam Khan takes on the role of a father dealing with memory loss, forgetting recent events. The plot unfolds as the father mysteriously disappears, prompting his daughter, portrayed by Tanjin Tisha, to embark on a search.

Speaking about the project, Preety Dutta said, “The narrative revolves around a father grappling with memory loss, causing him to forget recent events. One day, the father vanishes from home, prompting his daughter to embark on a quest to find him. Tariq Anam Khan's acting requires unparalleled competence and courage. Yet, I must say, I asked him for ten, and he delivered a hundred. Despite Tanjin Tisha facing the recent loss of her father, she delivered an outstanding performance during the shoot, even though her personal life was undergoing significant challenges. I am thoroughly impressed.”

Tariq Anam Khan said, “As a director, Preety Dutta was exceptionally flexible in her approach. The storyline is excellent, and Tanjin Tisha, despite facing challenges during the shooting, made a concerted effort to perform well, even if she seemed a bit different at times.”

Tanjin Tisha said, “I believe we have captured the essence of the story in line with Preety Dutta’s vision. We hope that the audience will appreciate it.”

The tele-drama is scheduled to be aired on a satellite TV channel on Eid-ul-Fitr or Father’s Day.

It's noteworthy that Tanjin Tisha’s father, Abul Kalam, passed away on February 12, 2022.