Tanjin Tisha apologises to media and journalists

Published : 27 Nov 2023 03:29 PM

Popular small-screen actress Tanjin Tisha extended her apologies to all media outlets and journalists on Saturday. Following a meeting with journalists and representatives of Obhinoy Shilpi Sangha at the DB office on Mintu Road in the capital, she faced the media and expressed her regret over an unexpected incident of conflict with the journalists.

Tanjin Tisha said, “I have come this far as an actress due to the love and support of all of you. A few days ago, I was sick in the hospital. Upon returning home, I noticed that several news portals reported my so-called suicide attempt. At that time, journalist Tamim (whom I had no prior acquaintance with) sent me a text that did not seem logical to me. I never thought that someone would text me like that or ask such a question at this time. I could not bear it and told him that I would take maximum action if anyone reported about the text.”

She also said, “I acknowledge that the words I uttered during the phone conversation with him were not correct. I regretted that then, and I still do. Meanwhile, the call record of the conversation with me has been circulated without my permission. Upon hearing that, other journalists got angry, which is very understandable. However, many people write false, fabricated news and articles about me and my family on social media. I get upset after seeing them. That’s why I came to complain to DB. There, I mentioned Tamim and the organisation’s name in front of the media, which I didn’t mention on purpose. Therefore, I apologise to the organisation (Channel 24). We know an organisation does not operate with just one person.”

Regarding the withdrawal of the complaint against Tamim, she said, “I am also withdrawing the complaint that I made to the police. However, those who published false and disrespectful news about me and my family will repent. I also hope that the writings will be removed because it is disrespectful to an artiste or a woman.”

At this time, she requested the support of mainstream journalists to prevent bad journalism so that no one like her has to face such a situation. The main incident began with the publication of news about Tanjin Tisha’s ‘suicide attempt.’ The news emerged after the actress’ sister took an unconscious Tisha to the emergency department of Dhaka Medical College Hospital at midnight on November 15. Following that, Tisha made efforts to address the incident in various ways.

On November 20, Tisha went to the DB office and filed a complaint of cyberbullying against Channel 24 journalist Mazharul Islam Tamim. Earlier, Tisha had threatened to ‘blow up’ journalists and later apologised for it on her social media platform.

Subsequently, entertainment journalists organised a protest rally on November 21 to condemn Tanjin Tisha’s unprofessional speech and actions. During the rally, she was given a 24-hour ultimatum, urging her to issue an unconditional apology.