Tangail Saree now a GI product

Published : 13 Feb 2024 09:46 PM

Department of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (DPDT) under the Ministry of Industries has recognised ‘Tangail Saree’ as a Geographical Indication (GI) product of the country highlighting the history, tradition, weaving method and uniqueness of the saree. We welcome this recognition which glorifies the identity of our own product. 

DPDT recognises and certifies GI products in accordance with the norms of the International Property Rights Organisation (WIPO). We think the authorities concerned should now take positive steps about the GI certification for the country’s other highly valued products.

In 2013, the GI Products (Registration and Protection) Act was enacted. In 2015, the DPDT sought registration of GI products following the enactment of the law.

The issue of GI certification has come to the fore after the Indian government granted GI recognition to Tangail Saree, claiming that the product originated in West Bengal. Only a few back, Bangladesh has gained GI certification of its four new products. 

So far, Bangladesh has got ownership of a total of 28 GI products. The four new products which got GI certification are Haribhanga Mango of Rangpur, Agar of Moulvibazar, Agar Atar of Moulvibazar and Monda (Sweetmeat) of Muktagacha.

So far, Bangladesh ha

got ownership of a total 

of 28 GI products

Besides, Ilish (hilsa), Khirshapat Mango of Chapainawabganj, Muslin, Bagda Shrimp, Kalijira rice, white clay of Bijoypur, Rajshahi Silk, Rangpur’s Shataranji (traditional hand-woven carpet), Dinajpur’s Kataribhog rice, Rajshahi and Chapainawabganj’s Fazli mango, Chamcham (sweetmeat) of Tangai, Comilla’s Rasmalai (sweetmeat), Kushtia’s tiler (sesame) Khaja and Black Bengal goat, and Jamdani Saree have got GI tag. 

The authorities should give importance to securing GI certification for quality products. The issue of GI certification of Tangail Saree surfaced after an Indian ministry made a post announcing that Tangai Saree is their own product. 

The Indian ministry claimed that the Tangail Saree originated in West Bengal. The significance of GI status lies in its ability to authenticate and protect the cultural and geographical identity of products. 

Bangladesh had no law to register GI products before 2013. Jamdani Saree was registered as the first Bangladeshi GI product after the passage of the law. 

GI recognition adds value and promotes branding of products at home and abroad. As Bangladesh has got the ownership of a total of 28 GI products, these products will start getting commercial benefits.