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Tamim’s return to int’l cricket uncertain

Published : 11 Mar 2024 09:27 PM
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When there are three months left to kick off the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup, Tamim Iqbal’s inclusion in the squad turned into a burning issue, as it’s uncertain whether he will return to the national side or not. Tamim Iqbal, one of the experienced and prolific openers of the national team, has been out of the side since his last ODI match in a home series against New Zealand in September 2023.

In fact, Tamim’s issue drew the attention of all when the hard hitter announced his retirement from international cricket on July 6, 2023, and just overturned the decision within 24 hours after the Prime Minister called on him at her office.

The subject now again takes the central stage of discussion among the cricket fans. Tamim Iqbal talked to a media channel on Monday and, replying to a query, said that it would be tough to return as long as Chandika Hathuru Singh remains the head coach of the Bangladesh team. 

It’s almost an open secret that the relationship between the head coach and Tamim Iqbal has not been going well, so it can be justly predicted that Tamim’s return to the team is very dubious.

Tamim, replying to a query about his return, said, “It’s just like I hooked up on the matter; it’s not true. I have already met the BCB three times. I had a meeting with Papon Bhai (BCB president Nazmul Hassan Papon) and with the review committee as well. I was clear with my stance from the very beginning, and now there is nothing new to say on behalf of me.”

“There is a wrong concept about what I said earlier. I said,'so'many things would have to be resolved’. But it doesn’t mean that there will have to be so many changes. To bring me back the ‘all rules would have to be changed’ I will never tell such a thing.”

Tamim replied to the tough question of whether he will be back or not if Hathuru remains as head coach. Tamim said, “I can say only that it would be tough for me to make a comeback. As they called me for another meeting, I should honor that, and I will have to wait for that meeting,” said Tamim.

Two off-BCB high-ups, Jalal Yunus and Enayet Hossain Siraji, had a meeting with Tamim on Sunday.

Jalal told the reporters that they listen to Tamim and will inform all to BCB president Nazmul Hassan Papon.

Jalal said, “We had a discussion with Tamim, and now we will inform all the board president, then we will give our opinions; we heard about his plan. After having a discussion with the president, we would be able to inform all of you.”