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Tamim explains why Bangladesh can’t create a Buttler

Published : 04 Nov 2021 12:37 AM | Updated : 05 Nov 2021 10:37 AM

Bangladesh ODI captain Tamim Iqbal on Tuesday revealed why Bangladesh could not produce cricketers like Jos Buttler in the country’s cricket.

Tamim believes that creating someone like Buttler in Bangladesh cricket is impossible since the culture of the country's cricket is absolutely different. He also said that it is only achievable if we alter our thinking and allow our cricketers to play in their own way.

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In the Nagad presents ‘The Tamim Iqbal Show’, he said "I think we'd all want to bring out someone like Jos Buttler. However, our attitude remained backdated. It's like you can't get out when attempting a scoop shot. You must end the game by taking singles. If you want to make Afif like me, this type of cricketer will not come up,"

"Jos Buttler was an entirely different player when he came in. He attempted alternative shots or played shots in the back. I don't believe we're prepared for the fact that cricket can be played in this style. If you're wondering why we don't create someone like Buttler. You have to get out of here. Allow Afif and others to play in their own style. If you don't like the way he plays don't pass judgment on him," Tamim explained.

Experienced batter Mushfiqur Rahim got dismissed several times while playing a reverse sweep in the ongoing T20 World Cup as a result, he was being criticized widely. On the other hand, Tamim, feels it will have a negative impact on Mushfiqur.

"There has been some discussion going on why a certain cricketer plays scoop, reverse scoop. Everyone is talking about it, and it is also reaching out to that player. Now, If he has the opportunity to scoop, reverse scoop, or sweep during a match, he will not do so. "He'll be scared to take that shot," he added.