Tale of miseries of a four-time Bangabandhu Padak wining artist

Published : 05 Jun 2020 09:23 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 04:38 PM

Syed Nurul Awal Taramiya, a well-known folk artist and a four-time Bangabandhu Padak award-wining radio and TV artist, is now living an inhuman life at home by wearing three rings in his heart at a cost of around Tk four lakh as he had heart blockage.

He has been surviving on his pension money, but all was ruined due to his serious illness. He could not even make a house for his sons and daughters to live with his pension money.

Our society does not know how to appreciate the talents, so the talented artists do not get a proper evaluation over time. As it has been the case with this artist. Recently, many artists of Kishoreganj district were honored in different categories where Taramiya was left out.

He said, “Many of my juniors hve been honored but I was not even invited. There was a time when there was no government or private program where I did not sing. Where other artists used to contract money, I sang at my own expense with my team. I sang as part of my responsibility towards the country and the people.” 

Syed Nurul Awal Taramiya is the successor of Syed Tajuddin (R), whose shrine is in Sylhet. He is a poet by nature and in thought. He is best known for singing and writing songs on agriculture, environment, fisheries, animal husbandry, public health, bird flu, AIDS, sanitation, arsenic, sanitation, anti-drugs, mass education, etc. He has written more than three thousand songs, Jarigans, rhymes and poems on these subjects. In a word, he is the emperor of agricultural songs. 

There was a time when any official event in Kishore­ganj or Grea­ter Mymensingh meant the presence of 'Tarabhai'. The audience did not want to hear the songs of other artists when they sensed Taramiya's presence. Who has been awakening the mass by singing agricultural songs for over 40 years. 

The government has awarded Taramiya four times the "President Padak" and the "Bangabandhu Padak" for his outstanding contribution in uplifting the mass in the field of agriculture. He was able to awaken countless people by composing instant songs and melodies. Farmers listened to his songs with fascination as he composed the agricultural technology in simple language by translating it into songs, poems and rhymes. 

He joined the government service in the Department of Agriculture in 1979 and has recently retired after fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted to him. 

During his service, he used to compose Murshidi, Marfati, Palligiti, and subject based, patriotic, Hamd-Nattha etc. regularly.  Taramiya has also received 12 prestigious awards along with "President's Padak" and "Bangabandhu Padak" for his unique contribution to literature and music. Poet Taramiya has been greeted by many socio-cultural organizations as well.

Taramiya said, "Look, I don't believe in so-called self-promotion, I don't have any means of social communication like everyone else now, I don't want to go after anyone and ask for help. 

The state has recognized my work 4 times, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has evaluated me, what else do I want? Now if my future generation benefits from my writing, I am happy that it benefits people. But sometimes it is a little difficult because no one keeps track of once very important me. 

Another problem is that since this militant came to the country, I have not been able to sing openly in the field, this is the most painful thing for an artist. ”

Taramiya's only son, TV actor Syed Yeasin said, “My father has given a lot to the agriculture of this country, to the country and above all to the state. Now the state should take proper care of this talented person. My father made an appeal to the Prime Minister. 

I am seeking the favorable vision of the Prime Minister through the media in this regard. Fans are anxious for the healthy life of artist Taramiya. Let the stage tremble again with his generous voice, let the music hall of Kishoreganj be filled with claps again. He asked the people to pray for his family.