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Take care of the nation's face like your face: NU VC

Published : 25 May 2023 07:41 PM

Professor Md Mashiur Rahman, vice chancellor of National University, urged the young students to have a strong sense of patriotism.

Mashiur Rahman came up with the statement while delivering speech as the chief guest at the fresher reception ceremony of the Mohammadpur Girls’ College -2023 on Wednesday at noon.

He said, 'There is no mistake in trying to make one's face look bright and beautiful. In the same way, the face of the country should be taken care of; because our country is like our mother to us.  We owe a lot to it.'

Sociologist Dr Moshiur Rahman said, “I was watching from the stage. Some of the students are taking pictures, some are taking selfies. Among the new friends, there was an effort to make their image very beautiful. Let your face be the brightest; everyone was very attentive to it. That is very normal. We all want to present ourselves in the best possible way. Similarly, I was thinking, the landscape of this dear homeland needs to be filled with unique beauty. Bangladesh’s face should become beautiful as you want to make your face the most beautiful, so take care of it.”

Vice Chancellor Dr. Moshiur Rahman said, 'Each educational institution is the most sacred place. When you come here list all the things you can't do, all your failures and eliminate all the failures in the next few years. Go to library regularly, go to books. Go to the teacher. Go to knowledge, to science, to excellence. This is the state that has been created - you don't need to look up to any other country. Bangladesh is the best ideal place for you. Because the four principles enshrined in our 1972 constitution are unique.”

Among others, Mohammadpur Women's College Principal Professor Md Aminul Islam presided over the ceremony while Dhaka Education Board's college inspector and College Board member ATM Moazzem Hossain, College Board member Md Fasiullah were also spoke.