Tailback on Dhaka-Tangail Bangabandhu Bridge Highway

Published : 18 Jul 2021 08:46 PM

The Dhaka-Tangail Bangabandhu Bridge Highway has been congested due to increasing pressure of homebound vehicles, Dhaka-bound cattle trucks as well as torrential rains on Saturday night. 

As a result, a 20 kilometer long traffic jam was created at the eastern face of the Bangabandhu Bridge to Pungli of Elenga on Sunday. Although the traffic congestion has been decreased with time, the terribly slow pace of vehicles was noticed on the road after 9 am on Sunday morning.

Visiting the spot on Sunday, it was observed that the pressure had turned the four lane road into a two lane road. Unable to cope up with the pressure, the traffic stopped moving, informed district traffic police inspector Md Harunur Rashid.  On the other hand, the pressure of Dhaka-bound cattle trucks was also increasing. This has led to the fears of the pain of long-term journey due to traffic jams. Drivers as well as homebound passengers were suffering due to the traffic jam.

Yasser Arafat, the Officer-in-Charge (OC) of the Elenga Highway Police Outpost, informed there was a lot of traffic congestion on the highway ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.

Sometimes, it is also taking time to remove the vehicles that broke down somewhere on the road. This is creating confusion in many places. Highway and district police are working to reduce the traffic congestion.