Tahsan’s new song after 7 years

The Tahsan fans will shift in their seats for a bit as soon as they read the headline. Some might even take it as a mistake. It's normal to think like that. Before these 7 years numerous songs have been sung by popular singer Tahsan. Not only that, many songs have also become popular.

But how come his song is being published after seven years. Tahsan gave his voice for the title song in a drama series titled 'Traffic Signal' in 2012. After that, the song was never released due to complications of the drama’s release. Now, the drama is completed and is also being aired. So that song, which was sung by Tahsan, is also going to be released after 7 years.

This is the only title song in the series of plays sung by Tahsan. In a long career, this singer has never sung any title of drama series. In addition to giving voice to the song, Tahsan himself composed the music. Rajiv Mani Das wrote the song, “Kakhono Kakhono Chalar Pathe, Theme Jae Jiboner Git, Jibonta Jeno Traffic Signal Niyotir Protichhobi”, such goes on the song. 

From next December 7, the drama 'Traffic Signal' will be aired every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm.

Iqbal Mahmud Bablu directed the drama 'Traffic Signal' written by Rajiv Mani Das.

Amirul Haque Chowdhury, Shatabdi Wadud, Ronak Hassan, AKM Hassan, Kachi Khandaker, Farooq Ahmed, Siddiqur Rahman, Mahmudul Islam Mithu, Ashik Chowdhury, Shahid Sharif Khan, Prasad Ahmed, Shishir Ahmed, Shishu Ahmed , Rizvi, Saju Ahmed, Kazi Ujjal, Tariq Swapan, Milan Bhatt, MA Salam, Sohan Khan, Jamal Raja, Tamal, Sanjeev Ahmed, Shamim, Jadu Farid, Mir Sakhawat, Sheikh Biplob, Chitralekha Guha, Shirin Alam, Monira Mithu, Nadia, Jannatun Noor Moon, Romana Swarna, Ishana and others have played various roles in the drama.