Tahsan, Mithila reunite for ‘Saturday Night Surprise’

Popular musician and actor Tahsan Khan and actress Rafiath Rashid Mithila appeared together on Eid special live show ‘Saturday Night Surprise’ from Evaly's official Facebook page.

Hosted by noted stand-up comedian Naveed Mahbub, the former couple was reunited on the screen Saturday for the first time after 5 years.

During the live programme, the duo participated in a fun game show.  At first, Tahsan was ahead in the score box but by the end, both of them scored equal points. Later, the stars distributed their gifts among the audiences who posted the best comments during their live programme.

Both the celebrities agreed to come together to promote positivity and peaceful co-existence. Urging the audience to practice positivity, Mithila said, "I am here to promote the idea of positivity. Please refrain from saying anything negative. We need to foster and strengthen the positivity within us."

The Actor Tahsan also elaborated on the topic by pointing out all the negative comments about Mithila on social media.

"In order to promote the live programme, both Mithila and I posted Facebook statuses where we told our fans that we have arranged a special surprise for them. The posts received a lot of positive feedback along with some negative comments about Mithila. I have noticed this before and it truly disgusts me. It's been 5 years since our divorce and due to some reasons we don't work together, but still, we face constant cyber bullying from some people." The actor also talked about the derogatory remarks on noted actor Chanchal Chowdhury's Mother's day post.

Tahsan, speaking about the dynamic of his interaction with Mithila said, "People can drift apart due to their differences in understandings and ideologies but that does not mean they will bad-mouth or harass each other." Both of them urged the netizens to be more respectful and cautious about their words while speaking out on such issues on social media platforms.

Although the actors were initially hesitant to come together for the event, they end up expressing gratitude to the organisers for providing them with the platform to spread positivity.

"We would not have been able to share such message of positivity if it was not initiated by the organisers. We would like to thank Evaly and the co-ordinators for arranging this live show and making us come together after a long time". Tahsan has been working as the brand ambassador of Evaly for quite some time and now Mithila has joined the bandwagon.