Tackling corona effects deserves great importance in ADP

Let not any money be wasted

It was presumed that the Annual Development Programme (ADP) for the next fiscal year beginning on July 1 would give great importance to tackling the effects of coronavirus. 

However, the National Economic Council (NEC), government’s top policymaking body on development activities, has made highest allocation for the transport and physical infrastructure construction sector for the 2020-21 FY. Undoubtedly there are many massive projects underway which need to be completed post-haste. 

During this time of pandemic it was thought that the health sector would get a buff and be given a higher priority than the previous FY. But, the highest allocation has been given to the transport sector, which has got Tk 52,183 crore where as the health sector got only Tk 13,033 crore.

NEC has made highest allocation for 

the transport and physical infrastructure 

construction sector for the 2020-21 FY

The coronavirus pandemic poses a situation that entails the need for more allocation in the health sector. However, it does not seem like so and in the long run it would appear to be beneficial, as experts opine. 

In the current situation, experts think that four sectors -- health, social security, food and agriculture, and industry and trade -- need to be given immediate importance in the implementation of ADP.

After this, importance should be given to the social security sector. And it is disconcerting that only 11.40 percent of the allocation has been given to education and religion. 

Furthermore, the allocation in information and communication technology, which is Tk 18,448 crore or 8.99 percent of the ADP, is quite praiseworthy for a country that is adamant of becoming a digital nation fit for the global arena.

Also, there is a four percent allocation for agriculture and 2.69 percent for water resources which is sure to help with the country. With agriculture, we can assume that the impending food crisis, which experts think that the coronavirus would create around the world, can be averted in Bangladesh.