Syndicate rules Kishoreganj transport sector

Published : 11 Feb 2022 08:42 PM

In Kishoreganj, there is a strong syndicate of transport owners who have become desperate day by day in one or the other political arena. Irregularities in the sector are on the rise due to the political involvement of transport owners. Due to the involvement of political leaders in the transport business, it has become difficult to implement regulations in this sector. Stakeholders are blaming this evil effect of political ownership behind the anarchy in the transport sector. Due to the transport owned by the government party leaders and their family members, discipline is not returning to the transport of all routes leaving Kishoreganj. There is no regulation of the road transport authority. The passengers have been taken hostage. 

According to sources, political affiliation of transport owners is one of the reasons for route determination, fare anarchy in service and harassment of passengers. The public transport system has become hostage to the combined activities of some leaders of the ruling party Awami League, BNP, Jatiya Party and other political parties. Although mobile courts are supposed to be set up every month, it is lax for unknown reasons. District administration is silent for unknown reason. 

According to the investigation, the bus companies owned by the influential leaders of the ruling party and the leaders of various allied organizations are dominating. They are also involved in road transport in the upazila. The activities of the political leaders include easy registration of vehicles, fitness and route permits. They are working to spread dominance in different routes. In addition, hundreds of wrecked buses are still running on all routes leaving Kishoreganj. Many passengers call these buses 'Murir Tin' of due to their old state. These transport buses carry extra passengers on all routes. The drivers of these vehicles are also reckless. 

According to BRTA, about four hundred and fifty buses and minibuses ply on all routes in Kishoreganj. The image of this suffering of the passengers can be seen on every route.

Kishoreganj Nagarik Adhikar Surakkha Moncha Convener Sheikh Selim Kabir said the list of complaints from service recipients about the district's transport sector was long. It does not seem to be possible to get rid of it suddenly if the political leadership, the vigilance of the administration and above all the weak leadership of transport and the mentality of high profit cannot be overcome.