Syndicate frustrates wet blue leather export move

Government intervention needed to facilitate export

The negative influence of syndicate in our country’s leather industry is not new. These influential syndicates have hindered the country’s economic growth and inflicted huge losses in the leather industry for years. As per a report published in this daily on Wednesday, a syndicate has created obstacles to exporting wet blue leather.

It is known that the obstruction by the syndicate has frustrated a move to export a huge quantity of the half-processed leather to China. Sources also say that the syndicate runs under an influential leader of Bangladesh Tanners Association (BTA). They always block blue leather or rawhide leather export moves whenever the documents reach the commerce ministry for approval.

A new pathway can be created for exporters to 

export their rawhides or wet-blue skin

by declaring it a separate industry

Now to break these immoral syndicate business, government intervention and strict monitoring is needed. Government can also help leather exporters with bank loans benefit.  A new pathway can be created for exporters to export their rawhides or wet-blue skin by declaring it a separate industry.

Every year a backlash in the tannery industry takes place for the unprecedented low price of rawhides and wet blue leather.

Therefore, against the backdrop of a drastic fall in prices, the government should continue allowing export of the items to maintain a minimum price, which will certainly hamper the syndicate market as more exports are likely to take place. Government should also put more efforts to bust this syndicate network once and for all.

Leather product manufacturers always oppose the idea of export as it might lead to a shortage of raw materials. However, export of rawhides and blue wet should be allowed on a limited scale if we want to save our tannery industry from this syndicate network.