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Syndicate at work with Biman tickets again

Published : 05 Sep 2022 10:36 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2022 02:29 PM

Syndicate is again active to defame Biman Bangladesh Airlines, and due to this manipulation, Biman tickets for upcoming Umrah season are now shown as unavailable.

A group of dishonest Biman employees in association with some travel agents has already exhausted Umrah tickets for the next two months.

Biman sold all Umrah tickets at a minimum price while travel agents have already hiked those ticket prices. 

As a result, pilgrims who wanted to go to perform Umrah were unable to buy tickets on this specific route at a lower price. 

However, Biman Bangladesh Airlines has issued a rejoinder that a few newspapers have published false allegations on Umrah tickets. Airfare for Umrah passengers varies from $750 to $900. No ticket is issued without name and information. 

There is a specific rule that Biman cannot issue group tickets but it can issue tickets by the passenger names and passport number wise only. While Biman officials are refusing such anarchy, a good number of travel agents are saying that Biman had offered them to buy Umrah tickets in bulk.  

While this correspondent tried to know more about the details, no one wishes to talk regarding ticket issues.  

However, various travel agencies based in Motijheel declined the allegation of ticket black-marketing saying that they cannot have tickets without Biman’s official permission. 

According to various media, Biman has sold almost 2000 tickets without following proper rules. 

Agencies informed that if biman does not give them tickets they cannot do anything. As the national flag carrier had offered them to buy tickets in advance they had purchased tickets. But none of them said how many tickets they got for Umrah season.  

Aviation expert Kazi Wahidul Alam said, “It is well established that airlines cannot sell tickets on any route in bulk. Having passengers name, passport number other airlines can issue tickets. But if anyone violates those rules s/he should be punished.” 

However, the state minister for civil aviation and tourism said that two separate committees are being formed headed by an additional secretary. Soon they will start their investigation, based on their recommendation strict action will be taken against the dishonest officials. No one will be allowed to syndicate biman tickets.

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