Symptoms of low, high albumin (part 4)

Published : 08 Dec 2021 08:34 PM | Updated : 09 Dec 2021 05:55 PM

Low Albumin:

Jaundice, dry skin, and thinning hair are potential symptoms of hypoalbuminemia. A person may experience a wide range of symptoms, such as confusion, dizziness, and low energy if they are malnourished, for example.

Some common symptoms of hypoalbuminemia include:

• excess protein in the urine shown by a urine test

• fluid retention that causes swelling, especially of the feet or hands

• signs of jaundice, including yellow skin or eyes

• feelings of weakness or exhaustion

rapid heartbeat

• vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea

• appetite changes

• thinning hair

• very dry or itchy skin

High albumin :

Albumin is present in many animal products. These include:

• beef

• milk

• cottage cheese

• eggs

• fish

• Greek yogurt

Some nutritional supplements and meat substitutes may also contain albumin.

People who consume enough protein will usually also get sufficient albumin. Most people need a minimum of 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

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It is important to note that many cases of hypoalbuminemia occur in people who do eat enough albumin. Even in people who eat a healthy diet, underlying diseases can make it difficult to absorb and use albumin and other nutrients.

    Courtesy: Medical News Today