Symon gives food to 500 families

The outbreak of coronavirus seen in Bangladesh from March 7 has so far caused the death of 5 people. Meanwhile, the government has announced a ten-day general holiday across the country to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. As a result, all the people of the country are now under house quarantine.

Meanwhile, people in the country have been in danger during the time of house arrest. Those who survive on a daily earning basis, they are living worse days because of the outbreak. The government has come forward with the aim of giving help to those poor people. Support activities are also being undertaken by private enterprises. Dhaka film stars have come forward too.

Actor Symon has taken the initiative to help around five hundred families. Already the materials to be given away have been purchased. Now the packaging is ongoing. Distribution of these will be undertaken in and around Dhaka to the unprivileged people. Symon's close friends and brothers have come forth to support him in his venture.

Symon says, “Due to the coronavirus, all people are now home quarantined. Especially those who are day labourers are in danger. We have taken an initiative to help them. I and some of my brothers and sisters are doing this. I hope to be able to distribute relief goods from tomorrow.”