Sylhet residents reluctant to take the 4th dose

Published : 06 Feb 2023 09:44 PM

The fourth dose of Coronavirus vaccine was started on December 20 last year in vaccination centers across the country to prevent Coronavirus infection, which is still going on. Although the fourth dose of corona vaccine is given in 5 categories, it is said that people above 60 will be given priority.

A little more than 34 thousand people have received the 4th dose of vaccine in Sylhet division so far. Which is only 0.29 percent compared to those who received the 1st dose.

According to the related sources, the government started the vaccine program by identifying 4 crore people who are eligible to take the 4th dose across the country. This vaccine will be given in 5 categories. The first category includes people aged 60 years and above.

The second category is people aged 18 years and above with chronic diseases. The third category includes people with low immunity. The fourth category includes pregnant women and lactating mothers and the last category is given to frontline fighters. However, no interest was observed in people taking the 4th dose in Sylhet. 34 thousand 456 people have taken the 4th dose of vaccine in Sylhet division from 20 December 2022 to January. Among them, 2 thousand 521 people in the Sylhet metropolis, 15 thousand 310 people in the Sylhet district, 5 thousand 142 people in Sunamganj, 3 thousand 268 people in Habiganj, and 10 thousand 736 people in Moulvibazar have taken the 4th dose. The concerned authorities have decided to take some other steps including sending SMS to those who need to get the 4th dose soon.

Chief Health Officer of Sylhet City Corporation Dr Zahidul Islam said that although the 4th dose has been started, there is little interest among people as the outbreak of Corona is not so much. Besides, there are several technical problems.We are encouraging people to get vaccinated. Campaigns are also underway. Hope the number will increase.

He informed vaccination is being given at Sylhet M.A.G Osmani Medical College Hospital and Sylhet City Corporation Building every day from 9 am to 2 pm.

Director of Sylhet Department of Health Dr Himanshu Lal Roy said that so far 34 thousand 456 people have received the 4th dose of vaccination. which is very less. This is happening due to a lack of awareness among people. Corona is increasing in China. As a result, they are struggling. If this happens in Bangladesh, it will be difficult to handle. We are continuing the vaccination program. Trying to make everyone aware. 

The campaign will also be run. We also have some technical issues. The website is not fully active here. So we can't send SMS to everyone. It will be fixed in the next few days, SMS will be given to everyone very soon.