Sylhet city dwellers fed up with traffic snarl, seek quick remedy

Published : 13 Mar 2023 08:23 PM

City dwellers crushed by traffic in Sylhet metropolis. Almost every day there is a traffic jam on the busiest roads in the city. People have to be stuck on the road for a long time. Traffic is halted in several areas. As a result, city dwellers have to suffer from traffic jams day and night.

 Concerned people think that the main reasons for the traffic congestion are the increasing pressure of vehicles on the roads, the arrival of tourists, the digging of roads at different places for development and the unpaved roads in different areas.

 Especially the office goers, working people and students have to suffer endlessly due to traffic jams. Many people are leaving for their destination by walking for a long time after being stuck in a traffic jam.

It has been seen in different areas of the city, Bandar Bazar, Jindabazar, Chowhatta, Amberkhana, Surma Market, Lamabazar, Kajalshah, Madina Market, Nayorpool, Sobhanighat, Dhopadighir Par, Shibganj, Upshahar, Mahajanpatti, Kalighat, City Point, Kadmatoli areas have more traffic. There is a traffic jam in these areas since morning. The people of the city have to suffer a lot.

 A CNG driver named Kabir said that he was going to Ambarkhana with passengers from Bandar Bazar. But after reaching Chowhatta, had to get stuck in the jam for 15 to 20 minutes. Had to get stuck in Dargagate again. 

He said the maximum distance of 15 minutes came in 45 minutes. Cars have increased so much in the city due to which there is a traffic jam at every point.

 Khaled Ahmed, a resident of Shibganj, said that he had gone out to do some necessary shopping for Zindabazar. However, He got stuck in the Mirabazar area for more than 15 minutes. The roads are not wide, there is no order on the roads.

 Muhit Miah, a resident of Madina Market, said that he will go to Subidbazar for urgent work. Nevertheless, a long line of cars from Pathantula point. 

This road is always congested, besides that development work is ongoing. As a result, this traffic jam is becoming more intense.

Sylhet Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner (Traffic) Muhammad Abdul Wahab said that the pressure of vehicles on the road has increased during this time of the year. Since Sylhet is a tourist city, many tourists come to Sylhet at the beginning of the year. As a result, traffic jams are being created in some places at present.

There is some problem due to ongoing drainage work of the city corporation in different parts of the metropolis. Roads are inadequate compared to the number of vehicles in the city. The roads in some parts of the city are narrow. Apart from this, due to the lack of traffic awareness among the people, traffic jams are often created.

 Abdul Wahab also said that with the increase in population in the metropolis, the number of vehicles has also increased several times. Our manpower has not increased accordingly. However, with this manpower, we are working as per our ability.