Swapnadal organises Natyacharya Selim Al Deen Memorial Festival

To commemorate the 13th death anniversary of Natyacharya Selim Al Deen, Natya Sangatha Swapnadal has organized a two-day ‘Natyacharya Selim Al Deen Memorial Festival 2021’ online and on the stage on Thursday and Friday, January 14-15, 2021.

The slogan of the 23rd edition of the regular festival of Swapnadal to commemorate the birth and death anniversary of Natyacharya is ‘Oitijjo-Rabindranath-Selim Al Deen e mukti, Bishmoye Tai Bish Dekhe Banglar Shilposhokti’.

On the first day of the festival, a wreath will be laid at the tomb of Natyacharya on Thursday, January 14 at 9:30 am at Jahangirnagar University. A special discussion program titled ‘Selim Al Deen’s Preparatory Drama: Shomajbebosta, Rajneeti O Durdorshita’ will be aired on Facebook Live at 7 pm.

The keynote address will be given by Zahid Ripon, Editor-in-Chief of Swapnadal. Dr. Rashid Harun, Professor, Department of Drama and Drama Theory, Jahangirnagar University The playwright is Kamruzzaman Balark, the director of ‘Abak Theater’ in Dallas, USA, and the playwright is Morshed Babu. Juvena Shabnam, Shishir Sikder and other senior members of Swapnadal will perform.

In addition, on the same day, in the episode of ‘International Virtual Theatre Festival 2021’ of ‘Jute Theatre Festival 2021’ organized by the well-known drama organization 'Rishra Durayan', 'Swarajdal' will be produced in honour of Natyacharya at 7.30 pm. On the second day, on Friday, January 15, at 7.30 pm, an exhibition will be held at the Experimental Theatre of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on the live stage of 'Hargaz', a time-honoured creation of playwright Selim Al Deen under the direction of Swapnadal Production Zahid Ripon.

Incidentally, Selim Al Deen's play 'Hargaz' about the experience of the catastrophic tornado in Manikganj a long time ago is almost like a molecular explosion. In ‘Hargaz’, the playwright portrays a new age Jesus Christ through the rescue team chief Abid. 

The one who appears as a saviour and empathizes with the afflicted people may become an art in the course of time. And as well as the audience is facing an unprecedented experience! The production of 'Hargaz' is based on the tradition of following the modern 'Bangla Natyarit' invented by Rabindranath-Selim Al Deen.