Sustainable economic progress will help protect human life, health: Humayun

Published : 04 Jun 2022 08:05 PM

The Government is currently preparing to join the fourth industrial revolution. In order to sustain the trend of economic progress, we must work together to protect human life and health and the environment. 

Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun said this at a sustainability report reveling on title ‘Partnering Bangladesh’ held at Hotel Westin in the capital on Saturday. The report demonstrates the Unilever Bangladesh’s work and impact on the health, environment and society. “The government is working on necessary plans to protect the people from the effects of climate change and natural disasters. Unilever has not only been conducting business in Bangladesh since more than five decades but also working with its partners for the social and environmental progress of Bangladesh. The company is working with about 1 million entrepreneurs across the country,” he said. 

“We are proud of the partnership between the Government of Bangladesh with Unilever therefore, we wish for its overall success and expansion,” he added.  British High Commissioner to Bangladesh Robert Chatterton Dickson said, “There is a deep systemic crisis that affects all of us around-climate change, and we desperately need to bend the curve towards the reduction in CO2 emissions.

Despite the challenges and vulnerability of Bangladesh on climate, I feel the partnership between the government, Unilever, as a catalyst and a private sector donator of capability and purpose and finance, and the capability of the third sector, corporate civil society organizations to reach out into the society, is very strong.”  

CEO and Managing Director of Unilever Bangladesh Zaved Akhtar said, “Throughout the world, we have strategized and utilized our purposeful brands to improve health, confidence and wellbeing of people and help achieve SDG Goals of Zero Hunger, Good Health and Wellbeing and Clean Water and Sanitation. Expanding that philosophy in Bangladesh, we have used our brands to improve the lives of people. ”