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Sustainable dyke essential to save coastal people

Published : 22 Oct 2021 10:08 PM | Updated : 23 Oct 2021 04:00 PM

Speakers at a human chain demanded significant improvement in the living standard of the people of the coastal areas and construction of sustainable block dams along the coast to save the lives of the coastal people.

The human chain was organized by youth organization ‘Save Future Bangladesh’ in front of the National Press Club in the city on Friday.

Nayan Sarkar, chief coordinator of the organization said, “Today my life and future are at risk. Climate change is threatening the lives and future of the future generation of Bangladesh and the world.”

He said, “People living in the coastal areas are affected by floods, cyclones or river erosion. Everyone is at health risk. Compensation for the victims of climate change is essential. Swift action is needed to tackle climate change and necessary steps need to be taken to keep global warming at minimal.” 

Climate activist Mofaz Ahmed said that many young people in our country still do not think about climate change. However, every young man and woman in Bangladesh must understand that everyone is in a crisis of existence. 

“The cause of the crisis is climate change and we are moving towards it every day. The effects of climate change are visible all around. I urge everyone to raise their voice and demand justice,” he said.

The organization also urge the government to rehabilitate the climate change refugees sustainably, make a permanent solution to the water crisis, protect and preserve the country's hills, forests, trees, wildlife and rivers, above all, take effective measures to prevent plastic pollution and air pollution etc.

The speakers also called upon the world leaders to implement the Paris Agreement, bring down global warming to 1.5 degrees and take quick steps to bring carbon emissions down to zero.

Save Future Bangladesh activists Sumaiya Akhter Mim, Mehjabin Brishti, Shaon Ahmed and others were also present in the human chain.

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