Sustainable dev confce begins in Thailand today

The 7th International Sustainable Development Conference-2019 begins today in Thailand. The three-day conference being held in Bangkok will focus mainly on the issues like green technology, renewable energy and environmental protection towards achieving the agendas of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Tomorrow People Organization, an internationally recognized non-profit organization based in Serbia, has organised the conference, attempting to address the queries to meet the most diverse interests and to attract different groups of people in the related fields.  Md Touhidul Alam Khan, deputy managing director and chief business officer of Prime Bank, has been selected as a Scientific Committee member for this conference. A total of six members out of which three from the Philippines, one from India, one from Malaysia and one from Bangladesh have been selected as global experts for the committee at the event.  Touhidul Alam Khan will present a paper ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Implementation Status in Bangladesh’ on special invitation of the organizer.  Touhidul Alam Khan said in his paper he will present the Bangladesh’s initiatives for implementing SDGs based on progress report on the country’s SDGs implementation status published by Bangladesh Planning Commission.  “The SDGs progress report-2018 is a guiding document that sheds light on the progress as well as on the challenges behind achieving the 17 global goals and the 169 targets for Bangladesh. The report is a new impetus for reinforcing revision of existing policies for taking more holistic approach towards implementation of the SDGs by 2030”, he added. Scholars, corporate representatives, government agencies’ representatives, Bankers, NGO representatives and other individuals and organizations from around the world are participating in this global conference.  The 3-day event will include both exciting panel discussions and networking activities for educators of all ages and from all over the world. Specialists and researchers from across the world will present their papers as speakers from more than 25 countries including Bangladesh, India, USA, Malaysia, Egypt, Morocco, Madagascar, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Czech Republic, Thailand, Republic of Korea, Sweden and Qatar.