SUST unveils new graduation mural

Published : 28 Nov 2022 07:49 PM
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Students are involved in various activities to make university life colorful and memorable. Life is beautiful and meaningful in studies, research and cultural competitive activities. Recently students of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) have painted a mural to make the university life more beautiful and to remember it in their memories. The 27th batch of the university called 'Samyak’ organized this mural at the wall of the central cafeteria of the university.

According to the organizer, the original design of the mural was made by a student of the architecture department named Tanvin Mahtab Fariha and SM Rafsan Jani from the same department supervised it. Little memories of the campus, stories from the rainy season, the Croak of monsoon frogs, visiting the city by bus after class, fishing in Lakes at campus, drinking hot tea in tea stalls are the best memories ever for every student's campus life of SUST. They painted it to make the university life more memorable.

A student of the English department called Shafayet Zamil said, this is the most extraordinary mural I have ever seen at the campus. The entire mural is full of life, which makes everyone's imagination come alive. Naznin Liza, student of the same department said, ‘we know this mural as the graduation symbol wall of the 27th batch of 'Samyak' on the campus’.

Mohammad Sajjad Hossain the convener of the ‘Samyak’ & a student of Forestry and Environmental Science (FES) said that several formal activities were conducted with the graduation of the 27th batch of graduates in the university. Creating this mural is among many things. Through this mural, the times from the first day to the last day of every student in SUST have come up. The open culture, gossiping, brotherhood of the campus has been highlighted by it.