SUST takes ‘zero tolerance’ policy against ragging

Published : 28 Aug 2023 09:49 PM

Every year fresh students enter the university with many dreams and hopes. But many students are victims of ragging as soon as they step into the dream campus. They were mentally disturbed by it. Besides, many students also left the campus after leaving their studies.

However, as in the past five years, the level of ragging in Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) has now reached zero due to the adoption of 'zero tolerance' policy against ragging. However, the university administration is cautious about ragging or harassing fresh students in any other way.

University Vice-Chancellor Professor Farid Uddin Ahmed visited the admission program of the 2022-23 session at the central auditorium of the university on Monday (August 28). At this time, he inquired about the fresh students and told them to take a strict stand against ragging and urged the fresh students not to have any fear.

During the visit, the Vice-Chancellor said that new students have started coming to the campus. Any one of them ragging or harassing them in any other way will be punished severely. Ragging has been completely banned in the university since last six years. We have adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards ragging. Earlier, strict punitive measures were taken against those found to be involved in such activities.

The Vice-Chancellor also said that the Principals of the Proctorial Body and Residence Halls and the heads of each department have been instructed to be vigilant against ragging. Besides, our proctorial body and hall principals are on regular patrolling. Instructions have been given to hang anti-ragging banners in the campus. Banners with mobile numbers of proctors will be displayed soon. The mobile numbers of the responsible persons are given there. If someone falls into such a situation, they can report the complaint to the designated number.

The Vice-Chancellor also said that I would appeal to the university students not to harass any student in order to maintain the beautiful and peaceful environment of the university.