SUST successfully completes cluster admission test

Published : 03 Jun 2023 09:40 PM

GST combined 22 (general science and technology) universities of the cluster have successfully completed the admission test of first year science faculty 'A' unit in the 2022-23 session. 

The attendance rate at Shahjalal Science Technology and University (SUST) Center yesterday was 94.67 percent. Out of 6039 candidates, 5717 appeared. 322 students were absent. 

SUST Admission Committee President Prof. Dr. Swapan Kumar Sarkar confirmed this information. He said that the admission notification has already been published on the university website.

Before this, the science unit examination of the cluster was held simultaneously in 19 centers of the country including SUST from 12 noon to 1 pm. In this, the examination at the SUST Center has been successfully completed. No fraud was reported.

Meanwhile, the admission test of C' unit was completed last Saturday, May 27. Out of 944 students, 21 were absent in SUST center. Besides, the B unit exam was held on Saturday, May 20 at the same center.

Proctor and University disciplinary committee convener professor Dr. Md. Kamruzzaman Chowdhury said, "We have been proactive to prevent cheating and digital fraud in the 

examination. We have not had any trouble here. 

We are working to control the overall situation in the campus. To ensure order, the law and order forces were also instructed not to cause any trouble.

During the admission test, to reduce the inconvenience of the candidates and transportation and to facilitate the travel of the parents, buses were provided for more than 120 trips in five days in different roads of Sylhet city. Professor Mohammad Anwar Hossain, convenor of the transport sub-committee, said that these 130 buses are run on various roads in Sylhet city to facilitate the transportation of candidates and parents during the admission test. Meanwhile, under the ordered of the Central BSL , the leaders and activists of SUST BSL are standing by with the help of the admission candidates like every time. Providing clean water, providing pens, finding seats, distributing masks, Joy Bangla bike service and providing seating for parents. Joint Convener of GST Admission Committee and SUST Vice-Chancellor Prof. Farid Uddin Ahmed said, "We had to take all kinds of security measures for the smooth conduct of the batch admission test. 

We have also been vigilant and proactive in preventing digital fraud in admission tests. Members of the law and order forces have worked in the campus and outside the campus. The teachers, officials and staff worked tirelessly to conduct the examination smoothly. Thanking everyone for their cooperation in completing the exam smoothly and beautifully.