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SUST Professor Amina Pervin: A ‘Mother of Social Work’

Published : 08 Mar 2024 09:12 PM

At Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), the corridors resonate with admiration for Professor Amina Pervin, affectionately hailed as the 'Mother of Social Work.' 

Her presence not only illuminates the Social Work Department but casts a radiant influence across the entire university. Currently serving as SUST's first female treasurer, Professor Pervin stands as a beacon of inspiration on this International Women's Day.

Professor Amina Pervin's journey is marked by resilience and dedication. Raised in Ishwardi Upazila of Pabna District, she embarked on her academic pursuit at Rajshahi University and later earned international acclaim with a degree in Social Work from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Since joining SUST in 1996, she has assumed pivotal roles, including Vice President of the Shabiprabi Teachers Association and the university's first female director of student counseling and guidance.

Her students, past and present, echo tales of her boundless compassion and unwavering support. Fahmida Khan Urmi, a former student, reminisces about Professor Pervin's timely visit during her hospitalization, symbolizing the nurturing care she extends beyond the classroom. For many, she embodies the spirit of maternal guidance, ensuring every student feels heard and cherished.

Koyes Mia, another former student, extols Professor Pervin's organizational prowess and her commitment to upholding the legacy of the Social Work Department's founders. Her impact, he notes, extends far beyond administrative duties, as she fosters an environment of familial warmth and encouragement.

In the words of Ayash Chowdhury, a current student, Professor Pervin exemplifies the epitome of a student-friendly mentor, offering invaluable guidance amidst her myriad responsibilities. Reflecting on her journey, Professor Amina Pervin attributes her success to the unwavering support of her mother and endeavors to empower future generations of women. For her, true fulfillment lies not in accolades but in witnessing her students thrive and succeed.

As SUST celebrates International Women's Day, Professor Amina Pervin's story stands as a testament to the transformative power of compassion and mentorship. In her nurturing embrace, students find not only academic guidance but a sense of belonging and empowerment, reaffirming her status as the beloved 'Mother of Social Work' at SUST.