Surprise in nat’l polls to make it participatory: Rashida

Published : 29 Sep 2022 09:27 PM

Election Commissioner Rashida Sultana Thursday said there is a surprise in the next national elections to make it participatory with participation of all political parties.

“Many political parties did not respond to the Election Commission's call. But it cannot be said that they will not respond. We hope they will respond,” she said while talking to journalists at Rangpur Circuit House.

Rashida Sultana is now on a visit to Rangpur in connection with the District Council elections.

She said there has been no meeting, no preparation or no decision so far regarding the elections of Rangpur City Corporation (RCC).

However, the elections of RCC will be held between December and February next.

“Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) will be used in the elections. This is an ongoing process and there will be Close Circuit (CC) cameras at all polling booths. Already we have arranged CC cameras,” she said.

However, even if there is an EVM system in the District Council elections, there will be no CC cameras.

Rashida Sultana said many people expressed concern about EVM through various media.

“But, we have not found any cause for alarm so far. We have repeatedly appealed to everyone to inform us if any error is found in the EVM. But, no one has detected any error so far,” she said.

“We also invite journalists to look at the EVM, express opinions,  good or bad,” she said.

Rashida Sultana said there will be discussions on the elections.

“However, we always try to hold good, free and fair elections in which everyone can freely participate,” she added.

Rangpur Regional Election Officer GM Sahatab Uddin, Deputy Commissioner of Rangpur Md Asib Ahsan and other election officials were present.