Supply gas to fertiliser factories

Published : 24 Jan 2024 09:02 PM

Production at three state-run fertiliser factories in Chattogram remained suspended following an acute gas crisis. Therefore, the factories are suffering losses of crores of taka due to the suspension of fertiliser production.

However, the authorities concerned have no idea when the production will resume at their factories. The fertiliser factories are not getting adequate gas supply and as a result, the authorities concerned have been compelled to shut the factories. 

So, we apprehend that a severe shortage of fertiliser during this Irri-Boro season could affect cultivation of major crop and put pressure on the government finance.  We also fear a production shortfall if farmers do not get timely fertiliser supply.

A severe shortage of fertiliser during

 this Irri-Boro season could affect 

cultivation of major crop and put 

pressure on the government finance

An acute fertiliser crisis may also leave the farmers in great trouble across the country. However, the government is determined to ensure that the farmers get enough fertilisers for Boro cultivation.

On the other hand,   organised syndicates, mostly dealers are out to create an artificial fertiliser crisis to make hefty profits at the expense of farmers, on the pretext that most fertiliser factories remain inoperative.

We have noticed that the dealers sell fertilisers to the farmers at their respective shops, mostly located in towns. 

And they (dealers) charge farmers more than the subsidised rate under the very nose of the authorities concerned. If the growers do not get sufficient fertilisers at subsidised rate, Boro cultivation will be badly affected this season. The agriculture and the industries ministries will have to ensure smooth gas supply to fertiliser factories immediately.Apart from the two ministries, the home and commerce ministries have also responsibility to protect the farmers from the greedy dealers. Therefore, all the ministries and departments concerned will have to take immediate steps to ensure adequate supply of gas to the fertiliser factories.