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‘Superman’ might feature in ‘The Flash’

Published : 16 Oct 2021 08:29 PM | Updated : 17 Oct 2021 10:21 AM

If the Marvel Cinematic Universe roaster is flooding with movies and shows that are making phase 4 shine, making the way for the future, the DCEU is not far behind. The studio houses the Batman has a hefty lineup that is both intriguing and anticipated. The most anticipated of all right now is of course ‘The Flash’ that is kind of a reunion for the universe. Now as per the update Henry Cavill might be the next to enter.

‘The Flash’ that stars Ezra Miller in the lead role is set to bring almost half of the DCEU in one place. The movie is set to open multiple gates for several characters to get in and that is even making space for 2 Batmans at the same time. While Michael Keaton is reprising the Cape Crusader after 30 long years, Ben Affleck is possibly playing his version one last time.

So while all the excitement still exists, turns out the producer of the movie is hinting at bigger news and that brings Henry Cavill’s Superman in the DCEU magnum opus.

‘The Flash’ producer Barbara Muschietti recently put up a social media post that hinted Flash’s presence at the DC fandom. While it was an exciting announcement, many requested her to bring Henry Cavill in the movie. While this was just a fan demand, Barbara created a whirlpool as she liked a comment that wanted Henry to be in the film. Watch the video below by Flash Film News.

The Flash producer liking the comment has created a stir on social media and everyone is excited as the hope of seeing Henry Cavill as Superman has been reignited. Meanwhile, the recent reports also had that Henry is also reprising his version of the Blue Boy Scout for ‘Supergirl’. There is no confirmation on either of the news updates but the buzz is strong.   -News Rush

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