Sundarbans opens for visitors from Wed

Published : 01 Sep 2021 10:04 PM

Upon ensuring mandatory use of masks, maintaining health rules and social distance, traveling in groups of up to 25 people inside the forest and transporting half of the capacity of tourist boats, tourism in Sundarbans have opened to visitors from Wednesday (September 1).

After being closed for about 5 months, the Sundarbans has reopened and tourists have started coming to the tourist centers. Tourist traders are also busy in bringing and taking tourists. Due to the sudden increase in the second wave of Covid-19, the forest department has banned the entry of tourists in the Sundarbans from April 3. After the Covid-19 situation improved a bit, the forest department decided to open the Sundarbans from September 1.

Hawladar Azad Kabir, officer-in-charge of the Karamjal Tourism Center in the Sundarbans, said the forest department was ready to provide visitors with all the necessary assistance and travel to the forest under the conditions. They hope that the visitors will travel to the Sundarbans subject to all conditions.