Summer tomato farming in Tangail lucrative

Published : 06 Oct 2022 10:03 PM

An agriculture enthusiast Samiul of Tangail has made himself successful by growing summer and seasonal vegetables. Samiul planted summer tomatoes this time. He is benefiting as the price is and demand is higher than seasoned tomato. Mobile shopkeeper Samiul Islam cultivates summer tomatoes atIchapur village in Kalihati upazila. As he is making more profit from his cultivated summer with early varieties of vegetables, he spends less time in the shop and concentrates on agriculture. This time Samiul planted tomatoes in one bigha of land.

According to the Agriculture Office, 105 percent of summer tomatoes have been planted in Tangail, of which 33 percent have been planted by Samiul of Kalihati Upazila. He planted about 2500 tomato seedlings. Samiul has also benefited from growing watermelons, bitter gourds is off season when this vegetables are not supposed to be cultivated. The agriculture office is encouraging others along with cooperation in this summer for unseasonal vegetable cultivation. Many people in the area are taking lessons from him to grow summer and off-season vegetables.

Samiul Islam said that he started tomato cultivation last year and planted again this year. The yield this year is much better than last year. This summer vegetable has been saved from rotting following the advice and instructions of the Agriculture Office. Samiul informed 2500 saplings have been planted in one bigha from which he expects to get one and a half to two kilograms of tomatoes from each plant. It can be possible to sell 5 metric tons of tomatoes. Tomatoes are being sold at Tk. 130-150 per kg in the market. He is selling it at Tk 100 per kg in the wholesale market. Growing tomatoes in non-season is very difficult because it rains more during this time. Due to the rains, he planted by mulching method.

Zahirul Islam, another local of that area said that he cultivate different seasonal fruits. He visited Samiul occasionally.  He supported cultivation style of Samiulis different. Samiul grows these vegetables with training from agriculture office.  Observing Samiul’s untimely vegetable plantation made Zahirul to plant too. He is learning from Samiul.

Nowsher Mia said that he also want to grow tomatoes.  This year he is learning by working with Samiul.  Nowesher wished planting next year.

Ahsanul Bashar, Deputy Director of Tangail Agricultural Extension Department, said that the Agriculture Office has given him fertilizer and seed assistance. Along with this assistance, he has grown summer vegetables Bari-4 and Bari-8 varieties of tomatoes with his own initiative. 

This time vegetable cultivation is very difficult so no one wants to plant. Samiul expressed great interest. Samiul is a progressive farmer by office. He consults on every aspects of agriculture to the office.