Sultani era relics on verge of ruin in Chuadanga

Published : 11 Feb 2022 08:48 PM

Demolished foundations of the Palace of King Kalupole Gandharva Roy of Sultani dynasty is an ancient archeological relic. By excavating the ancient ruins of two foundations (mounds) of the Palace of the King, two remanants of Architectural structures  and various archeological relics have been found. Though the works of excavation of the Palace is completed, the foundation of the King's Palace is on the verge of ruination due to lack of proper maintenance. Even the Musem adjacent to the Palace is closed. As a result, many tourists who visit the place for a while are returning disappointed.

Now, a Night Guard works as a custodian of the Museum and he is also in charge of supervising the excavate ruins of the King's palace. If residential, food and other facilities can be ensured, this palace would turn to a tourists' spot.

The foundation of the Palace of Gandharvarai King is situated beside the river Chitra at Kalupole village under Goraitupi union under Chuadanga sadar upazila. It is an archeological relic belonged to Sultani era who reigned the region during 14-15 BC. This archeological site  known as Rajar Vita ( King's Mound) was discovered during  an Archeological Survey in 2016.  The Department of Archeology excavated the mound and discovered remnants of two architectural structures and recovered various relics from the site. The relics include: decorated walls of the Sutani era, terracotta potteries, bowls, plates, pitchers, lamps, lamp-stands, cellars, pestle, terracotta bricks, bangles, stone balls, cowries, weighing devices, plaques, stone inscriptions, and earthen pots. These relics belonged to Sultani era are being preserved for exhibition in the local Museum.

It is learnt, the the relics recovered from two Sultani era towns of Khalifabad ( Bagerhat) and Muhammadabad( Baro Bazar) of the Middle Age resemble to the relics found from Rajar Vita ( Kings Mound) site.  Sources said, due to lack of proper maintenance and preservation, many relics of these two ancient archeological structures are on the verge of extinction. The bricks of the excavated walls are being loosened and falling apart, there having no boundary walls of the sites, the entire areas are traversed freely by human beings and turned to a grazing land for cattle heads.  Though no recorded history of King Gandharvarai is found is any book, to the local people the site is known as Rajar Vita.  

According to sources, King Gandharvarai locked into a battle with HazratMalekUlGaus, one of the four Auleas and a disciple of Hazrat Khan Jahan(Rs) .

Kazi Ali Ahmed Liku of Jhenaidah was visiting the site with his family members. He said, the ancient ruins of King Gandharvarai would turn to a tourists' spot if proper facilities for the visitors are ensured here. 

Ali Hossain, former Head Master of Sarojganj Primary School informed, the government would earn revenue if the site is turned to a tourists' spot. He demanded to keep the Museum at the site open.

Reazul Karim of Goraitupi village under Chuadanga demanded to complete the excavation works of the site as soon as possible. 

Shafiqul Islam Raju,  Chairman of Goraitupi union under Chuadanga sadar upazila informed, Rajar vita bears a historical importance. History of the Kings of the Rajar vita should be written and printed in books. The arecheological ruins of the vita should be preserved properly so that people from home and abroad visit the site to watch its historical evidences and to learn about the history of the Kings. 

ShamimBhuiya, Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Chuadanga Sadar upazila informed, KalupoleRajar Vita is enlisted under the Department of Archeology. The ruins of the Palace bears the history of a King and the pathetic history of his two daughters. Upazila Administration wants the history should be known to every one that is why a plan has been taken to turn the historical site into a tourists' spot with all available facilities.