Sufferings of middle-income people know no bound

Published : 05 Apr 2020 07:17 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 04:51 PM

Shahidul runs a store of watch and spectacles in Dinajpur town. With two salesmen, he manages his business well. He lives at a rented house with wife and three children manages everything well from the income earned from the business.

But, he is now in severe crisis. The business remained closed for last one week. With some money in the pocket, he is so far maintaining his family somehow. 

But, due to a further closure of all stores due to coronavirus situation, he is now extremely worried thinking how to manage his family, how to pay rent of the house and the store and how to pay the salary of the staff?

“The rich people have enough money, the poor people get relief from the government but how will the middle income group of people survive?” asked Shahidul in an emotion choked voice.

“The rich people have enough money, the poor 

people get relief from the government but how 

will the middle income group of people survive?”

Many other people of Dinajpur and some other districts of northern parts of the country echoed the same as Sahidul. They middle-income people of the northern districts are passing hard times in the present situation. 

Requesting anonymity, another person who works at a garments factory in Dhaka, said that he stays at a rented house with wife and a child. Now, the factory is closed for coronavirus impact and the factory owner did not pay any salary to the staff for last two months because absence of any foreign order. Under such circumstances, he seems to turn crazy thinking what he would do.

Like others, millions of middle income group of people are also now virtually trapped inside their houses.  The government and the rich section of people were assisting low income group of people, poor and the paupers through delivering them relief goods. 

But, there is no one beside the middle-income people and they are also unable to seek any assistance from any quarter for their status in the society as the middle-income group of people.

While talking to this correspondent, a person informed, “It is not a life. We are struggling hard to maintain our family. We cannot even express our hardship because we belonged to middle income group. We can not express our feelings and no one tries to understand our situation as well.”

A cement trader of Dinajpur sadar area said no one is thinking about the dire condition of the middle income group of people. All their business are closed and they cannot seek relief from any one due their middle-class status in the society. He added, food is running short in his house and with no money in hand to manage his family, he finds everything dark ahead.

Those who rely on their daily income are in severe crisis. A lawyer of Dinajpur sadar court requesting annonimity informed, his income is now suspended due to closure of all courts due to Coronavirus situation. 

He added, he depends on his daily income for the survival of his four-member family. It is not being possible to meet every demand of the family members and it is now impossible for him to pay the house rent but he cannot tell it to the owner of the house.

It is learnt more than 55 percent people of Dinajpur are of middle income group people. There is no one to think about their condition and they themselves cannot express about their own misery. They also think the government will seriously think about their condition and assist those who are actually in a distressed condition.