Success story of a female entrepreneur in Bogura

Published : 02 Jun 2021 08:49 PM | Updated : 03 Jun 2021 01:23 PM

Tanjim Tarbiat Neetu, a class XII student of Biam Model School and College in Bogura is now a successful entrepreneur. In cooperation with the family members, Neetu is successfully running a Nursery business during the closure of educational institutions due to the impact of Coronavirus. 

Neetu, daughter of Arifuzzaman of Matidali area of Bogura started the Nursery business in June last year. During the starting, she used to sell 10 to 20 saplings of various flowers and fruit trees daily but now she sells more than 100 saplings daily.  She sells those saplings online and through a show-room. The saplings of flowers and fruits including medicinal plants, cactus, orchid and species have a good demand and during the last several months, she sells saplings worth Taka 450,000. 

After the closure of college due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Neetu started the Nursery business with no previous experience. Earlier, besides her study, she used to nurture her personal garden at the outskirts of her house. 

At first, she started to sell saplings of flowers. As the demand of the saplings increased, she started a commercial nursery named Tree World Nursery on nearly two and a half Bighas of land and started to produce saplings of various species including fruits, medicinal plants, cactus, orchid and species. Later on, she opened a Show Room in front of Matidali High School of Bogura town, during last December-2020, Neetu in cooperation with her father purchased 16 bighas of land at Manikchalk area of Bogura sadar upazila and expanded her nursery business there. 

Neetu informed earlier she collected saplings of various species of plants from Bogura, Savar and Jessore and regenerated those through cuttings and other ways. Now, her nursery contains 20 types of Rose saplings, 30 types of fruit saplings and some saplings of spieces, orchid, cactus and medicinal plant. According to quality and demand, a sapling is sold from Taka 50 to Taka 1,000. Neetu informed, she has some 55,000 saplings in her nursery which has a marketing value of nearly Taka 37 lakh. Neetu envisions taking training on agriculture in future and hoping to build a green Bangladesh. 

Shahadat Hossain, Official of Tree World informed they aim to supply quality saplings to the customers.  Many people come to the nursery daily to procure saplings of various trees, he added. 

Enamul Haque, Upazila Agriculture Officer of Bogura informed, Tree World Nursery at Matidali area were collecting quality saplings from various places of the country and selling those to the customers. It is a good instance, he added.