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Style tips for men with dark skin

Published : 12 Sep 2019 04:26 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 04:23 PM

Contrary to popular belief, your Indian skin tone isn't restricted to hues. In scientific terms, dark skin tones are actually a boon. You can always wear brights, can dress the usual and look your best all day long. But the way it is with every worldly process, certain ethics and mannerisms will bring you to the top. To celebrate your indisputable colour and show the world you're worth it, here's what to ensure while playing dress-up today.

Sorbet colours are your best colours

If you're dark skin-lucky and investing in colours like lemon yellow, powder blue, peach—you, my man, are doing it right. Your everyday palette should be a blend of pastels and sorbet colours. They'll make your skin shine and exude a natural glow.

Stay away from stark colours!

As a thumb rule, never invest in pure-white separates or bright-hued clothing. On your brown skin tone, they'd contrast in abundance and look quite awkward. Though exciting, new hues are being placed on the racks daily, they're meant for the fairer, so stay away.

Befriend faded prints

While your choice in prints isn't a big worry here, they need to look washed-out and appear faded. Stay tone-on-tone or stick to a hint of a chalky colour. And to pair them perfectly, utilize a few dark, cool shades!

Switch to summer layering

Most of us turn to layering in summer.However, don't get too bright, nor too subtle—choose a fresh, sorbet hue and get going! If you plan to layer with more than a piece, the secondary layering piece should belong to the same colour family. 

Quirky socks are made for you!

 With quirky socks, endless hues and with your favorite footwear bringing them to notice.

Classic sunnies are your best bets

Classic styles are classic for a reason. So wear them! Plus, ensure that your outfit is your single-most focal point! Classic sunnies go well with almost all colour families and help you keep the sun at bay. But in case you want to head the other route, turn to styles such as the reflectors.