Talking To Bangladesh Post

Students want to see more story on education, woman and child rights

Published : 01 Nov 2019 09:03 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 04:04 PM

“We want to see more writings for the young generation, especially students abide skill and efficient eminent writers in the education pages which will help the students know more”, said some of students of Shailkupa City Degree College in Jhenidah. Talking to the Bangladesh Post, the students studying in first year of class eleven also thanked Bangladesh Post authority for presenting a quality English daily with a difference and gave emphasis on information technology gather accurate knowledge and modern agriculture technology for safe food production as well.

Fist year students Manira Parvin and Lima Khatun said huge information about the farmers’ issues and agriculture should be accommodated to ensure safer food production and establish farmers’ rights in agro-based Bangladesh. They said deprivation of the farmers from the optimum prices of the agricultural products might be discussed with importance.

Another student Sumaia Akter said writings on grammatical use of English should be ensured to learn appropriate English and avoid untoward errors considering international importance of the foreign language. The students will be benefited much from it, Sumaia Akter said.

Another female student Saleha Khatun suggested carry articles on science-based and learning movies, cartoons on the Bangladesh Post for the interest of a number of readers including today’s young generation. Women and children issues including child marriage, dowry, divorce, polygamy, women and children repression etc. should be given priority, Saleha Khatun said.

When talking to this correspondent three other male students of the college like Amrito Kumar Biswas said criticism about the burning issue on Facebook should be written one after another on the esteemed daily to make the next generation aware of the people who have been suffering from “face book fever”.

Student Manir Hossain in his reaction said rural culture, traditional games should be entertained more and more as major portion of the countrymen live in rural Bangladesh. Sajob Sharma in his reaction said the lifestyle of the people of rural Bangladesh and urban should be accommodated frequently to compare the difference between the two community people regarding property, gender, cast, creed and rights.

Each and every student during their discussion thanked Bangladesh Post authority for presenting a newspaper in the gap of quality English daily in Bangladesh. The students expressed that the quality of the newspaper might be ensured when their recommendations are entertained as early as possible using more and more related photos for every section and more quality newsprint with more transparent printing arrangement.