Students of Narayanganj overburdened with extra books

Published : 10 Jan 2020 09:34 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 09:56 AM

Avoiding the government supplied grammar books, the school management committees took bribe from private publishers making the list of non-government books and pressurizing the students to purchase those books. Visiting  a high school named Deobhog Hazi Uzir Ali School under Narayanganj Sadar upazila it was  found that the class teachers wrote the private grammar books on the  black board and the students  also wrote those in their khatas.

Collecting information from all five upazilas in the district, the same  technique about illegal books was found. Concealing the evidence, the schools have taken this policy in this year. The government spend hundred crore of taka per year and  provide  all books from class infant grader to class nine students for  development of  education.

Despite the government’s distribution of  all books on  first day of the year to the students from class infant grader to class nine grade free of cost protecting drop out  of any student, but the high schools management committee taking bribe from the private publisher impose five books instead of government books to the students every year.

High Schools management committee here in every year taking a handsome amount of bribe from private publisher five books-English Grammar, Bengali Grammar, two Rapid readers and a General Knowledge book include the students’ book list and forcibly make them  purchase books at a  high cost. The extra five books that imposed by the school management committee are too much costly. 

The poorer students suffer a lot to buying extra books from the market at such a high rate. Schools management committee reduced to dust the government well-intention to the education.  Though the Government supply standard grammar books in English and Bengali but the teachers of the school don’t teach from those books. Teachers also force to the student to purchase their selected books as the questions of the examinations made from those books.

A guardian member of a high school who is three terms consecutively in the committee Saiful Islam Jewel told the Bangladesh post that my first tenure private publisher paid five lakh taka to school, second term of tenure a private publisher paid seven lakh taka to school and the last term that means last year paid nine lakh taka.

In every year, the private publisher paid money to school and the management committee took it as bribe. The poor students suffer a lot because the school management committee imposes books. Besides, the educational quality is going to down grade day by day as the private publishers who paid bribe and enlisted their books specially both English and Bengali grammar are sub-standard. The end of the year, month of November and December the private publishers move in schools and made contract. The conscious guardians asked to the authority concerned to take initiative against these irregularities.

Deputy Commissioner of Narayanganj Mohammad Jasimuddin told the Bangladesh Post that it is absolutely illegal. He added, “Please say somebody to give me an application in anonymous and then I will take action.”