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Demand for safe road, half bus fare

Students hold token funeral procession

Published : 05 Dec 2021 10:32 PM | Updated : 06 Dec 2021 04:31 PM

Students brought out symbolic funeral procession in the capital's Shahbagh on Sunday demanding safe roads and implementation of half bus fare across the country.

Students of different schools and colleges of the capital participated in this movement. They brought out the procession at around 12pm with symbolic coffins.

Students protested in Shahbag after protesting in Rampura by showing red card on Saturday. They were chanting the slogan “No more assurances, we want safe roads, not the bodies of our classmates on the road.” The also demanded half fares in buses across the country.

Due to intermittent rain and adverse weather, the students shortened their movement programme. After taking position at Shahbagh intersection for a while, the students marched towards Dhaka University. The end of Sunday’s programme was announced after the announcement of the next programme. 

The students announced the programme of lighting candles and singing in front of the National Shaheed Minar today (Monday) evening.

Meanwhile, students of various educational institutions have displayed cartoons against corruption and mismanagement of roads at the Rampura Bridge in the capital on Sunday. 

The students declared to stage demonstration today wearing black badges in memory of Naeem Hasan and Mainuddin Islam who were killed in a road accident at the same place recently.

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