Students deprived of school ground for water logging

Published : 14 Sep 2021 08:56 PM

Water hyacinth has born on Bajita Government Primary School ground adjacent to Bajita Secondary School in Mirzaganj Upazila of Patuakhali due to severe waterlogging.

During the construction of the school building, the base of the school building was raised by cutting the soil from the field and filling it under the building. 

The school ground was already flat. After this the land of the field became even lower. Hundreds of students of the school are deprived of sports as there is no other separate field for them.

Visiting the school grounds, it can be seen that the western part of the field belongs to Bajita Secondary School and the eastern part belongs to Government Primary School adjacent to Bajita Secondary School. 

Part of the primary school is submerged in water. Due to lack of drainage system in the field, waterlogging has occurred and water hyacinth and various species of grass have been born there. It does not look like a school field anymore. Rather it resembles a hay field used for grazing cattle now. Kamal Hossain, a guardian living near the school said there was a field in front of the school but the field is of no use now as it is submerged for being low lying. From that field they bring hay for the cows every day.

Shakib, a primary school student, lamented that there is no playground in the school so they can't play at their leisure time. “I don't know when I will be able to see a beautiful field to play in this school”, he added with sorrow. Md Babul Hossain, Headmaster of Bajita Secondary School, said that last year part of the high school was filled with sand with its own funds. The sand has gone down in different places due to heavy rains. The field has become unsuitable for students to play.

Primary school headmaster Md Rezaul Karim said, “I have just joined this school. Various departments have been contacted for allotment of field filling. The field must be filled if allotted.”